Atlanta Commercial Mold Removal Process

When it comes to finding commercial mold removal services in Atlanta, finding a reliable contractor is key. At Green Home Solutions Atlanta, we’re proud to offer efficient, comprehensive services that ensure air quality is safe and healthy. Our commercial services are designed to guarantee the complete elimination of mold, mildew, allergens, and other harmful airborne substances from your building or office space.

Commercial Mold Assessment and Remediation

No matter what type of commercial space you occupy, our mold testing in Atlanta is designed to provide a reliable outcome that renders your area safe for all occupants and workers. Our process is:

  1. Performing an Initial Mold and Moisture Assessment: One of our certified technicians will provide a thorough mold assessment to get a full sense of where the infestation is occurring.
  2. Offering Initial Recommendations: Based on the result of your mold assessment, our technicians will either recommend further investigation or immediate treatment. We often recommend additional testing to ensure that we craft the best plan for remediating each business’s unique mold issue.
  3. Crafting a Mold Remediation Strategy: Once our tests are complete, we’re able to devise a mold remediation plan and deliver an accurate, comprehensive quote. Our technicians will discuss their proposed strategy with you so that you understand the full scope of our service.
  4. Treatment and Post-Treatment Testing: We use EPA-registered, plant-based products that are effective, safe, and applied with an ultra-fine mist spray to completely eradicate mold. Our products return mold to its pre-protein state, preventing it from producing harmful spores. After treatment, we will arrange third-party air quality testing to ensure the mold levels are returned to normal.

We’re proud to offer thorough mold assessment and safe, effective treatment solutions for commercial properties across Atlanta and the surrounding area. To learn more about our mold testing and remediation services in Atlanta, call Green Home Solutions today, or fill out our online form to request additional information.