Commercial building hygienists have a big job. It’s up to them to ensure the health and safety of every person occupying a specific workplace. Not only is it important to do right by the employees by making sure they are able to work in a comfortable and safe environment, but with improved air quality, you can actually increase productivity. That’s why mold solutions for building hygienists are so important.

If it’s up to you to make sure your clients’ employees can breathe easy while they’re at work, hire the experts at Green Home Solutions Atlanta. We conduct affordable, comprehensive assessment to ensure that we identify every problem area and rid them of all air-compromising contaminants, so you can offer the cleanest, most breathable space possible.

Mold Remediation and Cleaning Services

Our quality service doesn’t end with the commercial assessment. Building hygienists in need of mold services in Atlanta regularly turn to Green Home Solutions because our methods are dependable and safe. Some of our most eye-catching benefits and amenities include:

  • All-natural mold cleaning and air treatment solutions that serve as eco-friendly alternatives to the harsh, synthetic chemicals commonly used by traditional remediation companies
  • EPA-registered products
  • Mold remediation services that require little to no demolition
  • All treatments backed by a limited one-year warranty

If you notice that the mold leaves behind unsightly stains, we can help with that too. After our remediation services are complete, we can clean up the mess that is left behind and eradicate any lingering odors.

Assisting Commercial Hygienists in Atlanta and Beyond

Not only can we assist you with all of your mold remediation needs within Atlanta city limits, we service the entire Greater Atlanta area. Allow us to provide your clients with the mold removal services they need to ensure that their employees are comfortable and productive. Give Green Home Solutions Atlanta a call today to learn more about our mold solutions for building hygienists. We also invite you to fill out our convenient online form to schedule your commercial assessment!